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The people of Macarthur rallied to support the war effort, aided recruitment, cared for troops and commemorated the losses.
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Anzacs of Macarthur

The Men and Women Who Served In The First World War.

The study of history is about digging up the chronicles of time and asking questions. Being able to explore the past and walk in the shadows of those who lived it, is a privilege. With it, comes the ability to explain causality and understand where we come from. The First World War was one of the most momentous incidences of recorded history, and a catalyst for much of the events of the 20th Century. Thus, it has become an integral part of Australia’s national narrative. It left an insoluble scar on many communities around the country, including the Macarthur region in NSW.
This website and accompanying book is a resource of their war time stories, examining the military service of soldiers, sailors and nurses throughout various theatres of war, and those waiting anxiously on the home front. Many sacrificed everything in support of the war effort. So get ready to take your first step in discovering an insight into the lives of your ancestors, fellow townsfolk and countrymen, who have helped to shape our history.
                                                    Lest We Forget

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