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Stanley Thomas Ray Wasson

Staff Sergeant

Serial No:
Serial No. 8600

Army Service Corps

Brownlow Hill

Stanley Thomas Ray Wasson - Information

At the age of 27, Stanley enlisted in the AIF with his older brother, Sydney. They joined up on the 6th of September 1915 in Sydney. At the time, they were living with their family on Argyle St in Camden. Stanley was born in Brownlow Hill on the 22nd of September 1887 to Joseph James and Eliza Wasson. When Stanley and Sydney were older, they both found work as butchers. As a result, they were made Privates with the 19th Army Service Company, Field Bakeries and Butcheries. While at camp, Stanley was promoted Corporal on the 1st of October; and Sergeant a month later. Stanley and his brother boarded the HMAT Suffolk in Sydney, setting off on the 30th of November 1915.

Stanley and Sydney set down in Egypt, joining their unit. For a few months, they helped to prepare meals for the troops, with Stanley being promoted to Staff Sergeant on the 7th of March 1916. Several days later, they were transported to the Western Front. The men on the Western Front enjoyed hot meals, which helped them escape the drudgery of trench life. After the war ended, Stanley and Sydney were granted leave to the UK in early February 1919. Stanley had a girlfriend in England, Louisa Johnson who worked as a clerk. While on leave, Stanley and Louisa got married in Middlesborough on the 20th of February 1919. No doubt Sydney was his best man. Unluckily, on the 26th, Stanley had to return to France. In March, they returned to England for duty, before Stanley returned to Australia with Louisa on the 20th of June 1919.