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Samuel Christopher Whyte


Serial No:
Serial No. 21056

Division Signal Company


Samuel Christopher Whyte - Information

Samuel was residing on Queen St in Grafton and working as a tailor, when he decided to join the AIF. He signed up on the 29th of September 1916 in Grafton, aged 24. Samuel began his training in Sydney. He was firstly posted to the Cyclists Corps, and then completed Signal School as a Sapper, assigned to a Division Signal Company. He was shipped overseas from Melbourne on the 29th of November 1917 onboard the SS Indarra.

Samuel disembarked in Taranto, and then England in mid February 1918. He was marched out to Details at No. 3 Camp in Parkhouse. After further training, he was transported to the Western Front in June. The following month, he was allotted for duty with the Australian Signal Company. In September, he was posted to the 6th Field Artillery Brigade Signal Section, helping to direct artillery fire. Unfortunately, artillery units were sought after targets for return fire. Consequently, Samuel was slightly wounded on the 9th of October, but remained at duty. He was then appointed Driver on the 27th of September. After the war ended, Samuel remained with the Signal Company. He returned to England in May, however, his return journey was delayed by illness. In June, he was admitted to hospital for appendicitis. He enjoyed some convalescence, before leaving England on the 28th of August 1919.