Supporting the War Effort

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To many, supporting the Empire’s declaration of war was unquestionable. They felt that Australia must come together to support the mother country. To others, it was necessary to quash the enemy. Whatever the reason, the majority of Australians believed that the war was not only necessary, but also, was one’s duty. The responsibility of those in power was to maintain the population’s commitment to the war effort. Town Aldermen and prominent community leaders were staunch supporters of Australia’s involvement in the war, and thus aiding the British Empire. Newspapers, pamphlets and town meetings were the main source of encouraging and informing the community to do their bit. Every week the Camden News published “The European War” and “The Weeks’s Cables” articles, denoting events from the front and across the seas.

In September 1914, this publication also exclaimed that ‘the Empire calls, and expects everybody to do their duty in this hour of trial. The following month, they stated: "It is the duty of every patriot, of every true Britisher, to help his country to the upmost of his ability in this war… the country wants money and men."