Military Bases

The Campbelltown community demonstrated their support for the war effort with a proposed agreement with the military. This regarded a possible development of a Military Camp upon the Campbelltown Showground on Moore St, which was owned by the Agricultural Society. Many were excited about the possibility of a Military Camp in the area. The newspaper stated that the general opinion of Campbelltownians were positive and emphasised the benefits that this base would have for the townsfolk.

The only hiccup was that some town leaders were concerned about adequate compensation from the Department of Defence. However, there was already a military base operating in the area, at Menangle Racecourse. Upon the advent of war, the Racecourse became one of the main Light Horse Depots. One of the largest in the area, it received many new recruits for enlistment and training. The Camel Corps as well as Trench Mortar Batteries were also housed at the Camp. In 1916, a new camp was constructed north of the racecourse to house 2000 Lighthorsemen.