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William John Goode

Lance Corporal

Serial No:
Serial No. 44

4th Battalion


William John Goode - Information

The Goode family had lived in Camden, before relocating to Orange, where William was born c1889. William grew up in Orange with his siblings, and like his older brother, George, attended Kings College in Goulburn. When he was older, he completed a 5 year apprenticeship and became a marine engineer. Shortly after war with Germany was declared, William decided to enlist in the AIF. At the age of 25, he signed up on the 18th of August 1914 in Randwick. After training, he was shipped overseas for war service.

William disembarked in Egypt at the beginning of December. He was promoted to Lance Corporal on the 1st of January 1915, and commenced further exercises with his 4th Battalion. Plans to attack Turkish forces on the Gallipoli Peninsula were soon developed, and William and his unit departed Egypt in early April for Lemnos Island. They landed ashore on what was to be known as Anzac Cove in the first waves of the attack. The troops mercilessly charged the ridges and valleys meeting a well prepared and determined Turkish force. Terrible terrain, difficulty in bringing up the guns and supplies, forced the invaders to dig into what precious gained ground they could. Sadly, William was only on the Peninsula for a week and a half when he was wounded on the 4th of May. He miraculously survived a bullet to the head, and was carried down to the shore by stretcher bearers and evacuated to Egypt. He endured the long voyage in immense shock and pain. In Egypt, he was admitted to the 17th General Hospital in Alexandria. He then died of his wounds on the 8th of May. He was buried in the Chatby Military and War Memorial Cemetery, Alexandria in Egypt.