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William Curtis


Serial No:
Serial No. 6308

15th Battalion, 26th Battalion & 9th Battalion


William Curtis - Information

William was part of a large Campbelltown family, born in Appin. He grew up in the area, serving in the NSW Rifles, before moving to Queensland. William then married his sweetheart Edith Annie, making a life together in Childers, Queensland, while William worked as a cane farmer.

On the 24th of May 1916, William enlisted at Maryborough in Queensland. After joining up, he was shifted about. Firstly, he was stationed to the 11th Depot, and then the 17th Reinforcements, 26th Battalion for a few days. After that, he was posted to the 15th, 26th and 9th Battalions. However, whilst William was on a parade during training, he was pulled out by an officer for looking ill. At the time he was suffering with anaemia. Undergoing a medical examination, he was diagnosed with debility. It was also uncovered that William lied about his age, he was actually 48 not 43 as he claimed. As a result, William was discharged for being overage.