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Walter Weatherill Fuller


Serial No:
Serial No. 33045

5th Divisional Ammunition Column,1st Divisional Ammunition Column &2nd Field Artillery Brigade


Walter Weatherill Fuller - Information

Walter was born in Luddenham in 1891, and grew up in the area. His younger brother, Frank, later moved to the city for work, while Walter remained on the family property of Holmhurst working as a labourer. News of war in Europe shocked the family. As the casualty lists expanded exponentially, Walter and Frank decided to sign up and go off to war. Walter met Frank in the city, and enlisted the day after he did on the 9th of October 1916. Originally, Walter was allotted to the 12th Light Horse at Menangle Park. But by early November, he had joined his brother as a Gunner with the 8th Reinforcements, 7th Field Artillery Brigade. The following month, they were made Drivers with the 11th Reinforcements, 5th Divisional Ammunition Column. Boarding the HMAT Shropshire in Melbourne, they headed for England on the 11th of May 1917.

Completing training at the RBAA in Larkhill, they set off for the frontline in France in mid November. Here, they were detached for duty with No. 1 Section, 1st Divisional Ammunition Column. At the end of the month, they were transferred to the 2nd Field Artillery Brigade. On the 6th of November, Walter and Frank were granted leave in the UK. They were still in England when the war ended. On the 26th, they returned to their unit in France, allotted duty at the Australian General Base Depot in Havre. They were then transported to England, before returning to Australia on the 25th of June 1919. After they were discharged, Walter and Frank reunited with their family in Luddenham.