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Walter James Seymour

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Serial No. N87409


Walter James Seymour - Information

In the 1900s, the Seymour family had moved to Ingleburn. They had previously resided in the Sydney suburbs, where Walter James was born on the 25th of October 1898 in Camperdown. Walter grew up in the area with his siblings, while his father, Walter James Sr., worked as a tailor. Walter had served in the Senior Cadets and at Holsworthy Camp, and eventually found employment as a station hand. Just after his 19th birthday, his father gave him permission to join the military. He signed up in Sydney on the 8th of April 1918. Walter commenced his training, however, several months later the war was over.

Honourably discharged, Walter returned to his life in Ingleburn. He soon met and fell in love with Majorie Williamson, a Campbelltown local who worked as a stacker. They married in 1925 and got to work on their family. Walter passed away in 1960 in Rockdale.