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Varney Francis Bugden


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Varney Francis Bugden - Information

Varney Francis was a son of James Albert and Mary Bugden, born in Camden on the 8th of May 1892. The Bugdens eventually relocated to 178 Piper St in Bathurst. When the war began, Varney was still living with his family in Bathurst and working as a hospital attendant. Previously he had gained military experience serving for 3½ years with the 3rd Infantry. Several weeks after the volunteer booths opened, Varney decided to enlist. He signed up at the Victoria Barracks in Sydney on the 10th of October 1915, aged 22. Due to his work experience, he was assigned to the staff of the 2nd Australian General Hospital. He then boarded the HMAT Kyarra in Sydney departing for war service on the 28th of November 1914.

Varney disembarked in Egypt in mid January 1915, and proceeded to the 2nd Australian General Hospital, to commence his duties. After the landings at Gallipoli in April, the hospital became inundated with sick and wounded troops. Varney witnessed the terrible mutilations and shell shocked boys that were brought in. It would have been a difficult year, and in March 1916, Varney was moved to the No. 9 Dental Unit in Abbassia. After a short bout with venereal disease, Varney reported sick to No. 3 Australian General Hospital in early July with pleurisy. A week later, he was then ordered back to Australia with sub-acute bronchial pneumonia. He contracted this infection working closely with patients at the 2nd Australian General Hospital. He was quickly evacuated home on the 22nd of July onboard the Seang Choon. When he reached Australia, he required further treatment at the 4th Australian General Hospital in Sydney. He was subsequently discharged for being medically unfit. Sadly, Varney died in Goulburn in 1924, aged 42.