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Sydney John Smith


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Serial No. 12709

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Sydney John Smith - Information

Sydney's parents, William and Elizabeth Smith, moved their family to Campbelltown from the outer Sydney suburbs, where Sydney was born in 1864 in Smithfield. Sydney then met and fell in love with Lydia Bill. Sydney and Lydia married at St Peters Church in Campbelltown on the 10th of August 1893. They made a life, residing in Campbelltown, and welcomed three children into the world, Albert Sydney, Percy and Norman. Here, Sydney served in the local Light Horse and became part of the Reserve National Infantry. By the time the war started, Sydney and Lydia had relocated the family to Sydney settling down at 100 Military Rd in Mosman. Here, Sydney supported his family working as a gardener. He then decided to enlist in the AIF, joining up at Casula on the 14th of December 1915. However to do so, he lied about his age claiming he was only 44. During training, Sydney was made a Private with the 17th and 18th Battalions. In early April, he was posted to the 21st Reinforcements, Australian Army Service Corps, as a Driver. He was then sent overseas for war service, leaving Sydney Harbour on the 17th of October 1916.

Sydney arrived in Plymouth on the 9th of January 1917. He was then marched into the Army Service Corps Training Depot in Parkhouse. While he was stationed at No. 4 Camp at Parkhouse, he was injured in an accident. He was walking along a road in Tidworth when he was hit by a car driven by a civilian. He was admitted to hospital with slight bruises and a fractured right radius. After he recovered, he returned to the Army Service Corps. However, towards the end of 1917, he was brought before a medical review board as he was suffering from constant headaches. During the examinations, it was uncovered that he lied about his age. Consequently, Sydney was sent home five days before Christmas in 1917 on the HS Runic. He was then discharged in April 1918, and returned home to Lydia and his son Norman, whom were now living on Magic St in Mosman.