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Stanley Beachwood Bucholtz


Serial No:
Serial No. 21706

Field Company Engineers


Stanley Beachwood Bucholtz - Information

The Bucholtz family lived on a property in Glenmore near Camden. They had originally came from Mudgee, where Stanley was born c1898. Stanley then began working as a dairy farmer. He and his older brother, William, then filled in an application for the AIF to a recruiting officer in Camden. They were accepted and later left for Sydney on the 20th of June for their induction. They commenced their training at the Royal Showground Camp, and in July, were made Sappers at the 2nd M & D Depot in Liverpool. They received further instruction at a School in Roseville, and were stationed back in Liverpool, part of the Field Company Engineers. Boarding the HMAT Runic in Sydney, they departed for war service on the 22nd of March 1918.

The Runic steamed into London in late May. Stanley and William were marched out to No. 3 Camp in Parkhouse. They were still in England when the war ended. In mid November, they left Southampton for France. However, the next month, Stanley was hospitalised with the measles. Unfortunately, Stanley was plagued by further illness. He was taken to hospital in March 1919 with influenza, and was later suffering with debility. Stanley left England on the 3rd of July for Australia. He was shortly joined by William, and they reunited with their family.