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Michael Donnellan


Michael Donnellan - Information

Michael Donnellan was born in Camden c1872 to John and Alice Donnellan. Over the years, Michael gained military experience serving in the militia, with the 2nd Infantry for 23 years and the 24th Infantry for 4 years. Marrying the love of his life, Nellie Lonerigan in Sydney in 1896, he then began working as a tramway inspector. At the age of 43, Michael decided to do his bit and signed up to the AIF. He enlisted in Holsworthy on the 24th of September 1915. However, during training, he was having difficulty completing exercises. He was given a medical examination at the Royal Showground Camp in Moore Park, uncovering that he suffered with organic cardiac disease, and also presented with a mitral murmur. Consequently, he was given a medical discharge at the beginning of February 1916.