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Leonard Lancelot Gillett

Serial No:
Serial No. N88019


Leonard Lancelot Gillett - Information

Leonard was another son of William and Catherine Gillett, born in Picton on the 2nd of December 1899. The family then relocated to Bridge St in Epping. Here, Leonard served for four years in the Senior Cadets and was still serving in the 40th Infantry, while working as a clerk. Leonard and his family watched his older brother, Cyril, join up in 1915. Sadly, he was killed in action in January 1917. Leonard then enlisted on the 20th of May 1918 in Sydney, aged 18. He was stationed to the M & D Depot in Liverpool. His parents not wanting to loose another son, asked the army for Leonard to be discharged in June. They concurred and he was let go in July.