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Kelverton L. Mansfield Cuthell


Serial No:
Serial No. 2457

6th Light Horse Regiment


Kelverton L. Mansfield Cuthell - Information

Kelverton L. Mansfield Cuthell was born in Rose Bay, Sydney in 1883. While his family stayed in Strathfield, Kelverton moved to Campbelltown finding work as a grazier. When he was 33 years old, he enlisted in the AIF at Liverpool on the 6th of October 1915.

Kelverton was stationed to the 6th Light Horse Regiment, which departed Sydney onboard the HMAT Port Macquarie on the 26th of April 1916. He landed in Egypt, and was taken on strength to the 2nd Light Horse Regiment at Tel-el-Kebir at the end of June, returning to the 6th Regiment on the 6th of August. Kelverton fought against the Turks, patrolling the Sinai Desert and in Palestine, participating in attacks on Gaza and Beersheba. In 1918, fighting moved into Jordan and Syria. After the war ended, Kelverton embarked Egypt on the Essex on the 15th of June 1919.

When Kelverton returned to his life in Campbelltown, he met Daphne Woodhouse, a member of a prominent family. They married at St Johns in Campbelltown in 1924. Daphne later inherited the famous Hillcrest estate on Badgally Rd, while Kelverton was kept busy building The Engadine house on Broughton St. Kelverton and Daphne quickly increased their assets and standing in the community with vast properties. Unfortunately Kelverton passed away in 1930, just six years into their marriage. Daphne then died of a stroke at Hillcrest on the 8th of August 1945.