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John Sheldon Cleary

Serial No:
Serial No. 2927

6th Light Horse Regiment


John Sheldon Cleary - Information

John was born in Wilton, and when the war began was living in Redbank in Picton with his family. He found work as a fuelman on the railway, where he watched many of his mates leave for war. Deciding to join them, he signed up on the 7th of February 1916 in Liverpool, aged 28. During training, John was made a Trooper with the 21st Reinforcements, 6th Light Horse Regiment. He then set off from Sydney on the 19th of September 1916 upon the HMAT Kabinga.

John set down in Suez, Egypt in late October. The following month, he was taken to the 2nd Light Horse Training Regiment in Moascar. He was then assigned duty at various camps, including Camp Headquarters in Moascar in March 1917. He finally joined his Regiment in July, pursuing the Turks through Palestine. In December, John and his unit captured Jerusalem. The Turks fled Palestine, and headed for Jordan, with the Light Horse in pursuit. At the time, John was injured in action. He suffered a severe concussion following a shell blast on the 30th of March 1918. He was rushed to the 43rd and 44th Stationary Hospitals, and in April was admitted to the 14th Australian General Hospital. By May, he was recuperating at a Rest Camp. However, his health remained poor for many months. In January 1919, John was diagnosed with debility. He was then shipped home, sailing from Kantara on the Euripides in March.