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James Patrick Croghan


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James Patrick Croghan - Information

James Patrick Croghan was born in Ireland in 1863. He came to Australia and settled in Campbelltown, where he married Susannah May Banfield in 1880. James and Susannah happily welcomed a son in 1882. Sadly in 1884, Susannah died during childbirth, as did the baby girl. James re-married Elizabeth King in 1891, and welcomed four more children into the world before Elizabeth passed away in 1897. The following year, James re-married Mary Ann Elizabeth Fisher. James remained in Campbelltown while he worked as a stone mason.

On the 29th of March 1915, James enlisted at Liverpool Camp at the ripe old age of 52. While at Liverpool, James was posted to Depot Company Pioneers, and also performed with the army band. Shortly, he was moved to work in the Cookhouse, which he was not happy about. He was then accused of stealing military stores, including a leg of mutton and a cardigan. He was arrested and placed under guard. His Cookhouse Sergeant vouched for his character, stating that it was quite reasonable for men to take excess food, or food that would otherwise go rotten. Despite his Sergeant’s explanation, James was fined one week'€™s pay and discharged from military service.