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Herbert Padrotta

Serial No:
Serial No. 60096/89762


Herbert Padrotta - Information

Herbert Padrotta was born in Glenfield on the 23rd of April 1890. As the war was raging, Herbert was living with his family on Beamish St in Campsie, where he worked as a labourer. On four occasions, he had tried to enlist in the AIF, however, was refused as his chest measurement was below standard. However, as volunteers from Australia were drying up, physical standards were relaxed. At the age of 28, he tried again on the 27th of May 1918 in Sydney, and was successful. Herbert commenced his training at the M & D Depot in Liverpool. However, the war was soon over. Therefore, Herbert's enlistment period was terminated and he was discharged on the 2nd of December 1918.