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Harold Victor Hanger


Serial No:
Serial No. 19296

7th Field Artillery Brigade, Australian Corps Headquarters & 3rd Field Artillery Brigade


Harold Victor Hanger - Information

Harold was born and raised in Picton. When the war began, he was living in Razorback with his family. He served in the local Light Horse and worked as a butcher. When he was 26, he travelled into Sydney to enlist on the 1st of February 1916. Becoming a Gunner with the 7th Field Artillery Brigade, he then departed Sydney for war upon the HMAT Argyllshire on the 11th of May 1916.

Harold landed in Devonport in early July, and was appointed Driver on the 1st of September. On the 29th of December, he left Southampton for the Western Front. Throughout 1917, Harold and his unit provided necessary artillery support for operations. On the 21st of January 1918, Harold was transferred to Australian Corps Headquarters for duty. He was then transferred to the 3rd Field Artillery Brigade in early October, as the war was reaching its conclusion. On the 5th of January 1919, he was stationed back to his 7th Field Artillery Brigade, and by the end of the month, was helping to coordinate packing up equipment with the 3rd Divisional Ammunition Column. He set out for Australian on the 11th of May 1919 on the Borda, shortly reuniting with his grateful family in Picton.