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Gerald Francis Powell


Serial No:
Serial No. 59163

17th Battalion


Gerald Francis Powell - Information

Born in Liverpool, Gerald later found work in Glenfield as a labourer. He lived in Glenfield, while his wife, resided on Elizabeth St in Liverpool. Deciding to enlist in the AIF, he signed up on the 15th of January 1917 in Ashfield, aged 33. He trained at the Royal Australian Showground Camp in Sydney, becoming a Private with the NSW Reinforcements. He then boarded the HMAT Borda in Sydney on the 17th of July 1918 for war service.

Gerald landed in London, and was marched out to the 5th Training Battalion. Here, he was allotted to the 17th Battalion. While completing exercises, the war ended. From the 13th of November, Gerald was brought up on numerous absent without leave charges. He was consequently brought before a General Court Martial on the 6th of February 1919, ordered forfeiture of pay. He was then sent back to Australia on the 8th of September 1919.