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George Arthur Bray


Baptist and Congregation Churches Field Service


George Arthur Bray - Information

George Arthur Bray was born in Moss Vale and eventually became a Pastor at the Campbelltown Congregational Church. George was residing on Tolanthe St in Campbelltown with his wife Susanna, when he decided to enlist on the 2nd of February 1916 at Casula.

After joining up, George was designated to C Company Depot Battalion at Liverpool Camp. He was then transferred to the 20th Battalion six days later, as part of the Baptist and Congregation Churches Field Service. While stationed at Liverpool, he asked to be relieved of his duty on the 28th of April. Upon reflection, George wanted to pursue a position that would allow him to work more closely with the troops during their war service. He hoped to achieve this by working with the Young Men'€™s Christian Association of Australia. His request granted, George went to work for the YMCA. Returning home in mid 1917, George was given a welcome home party in Campbelltown on the 26th of July. Organised by the Local Lads Committee, the community threw an all night social at the Town Hall, as a farewell and welcome home for local soldiers, and invited George and his family.