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Frank Cecil Fuller


Serial No:
Serial No. 33046

5th Divisional Ammunition Column,1st Divisional Ammunition Column & 2nd Field Artillery Brigade


Frank Cecil Fuller - Information

Frank was part of the Fuller family who lived in Luddenham. Here, Frank was born on the family property of Holmhurst in 1895. He grew up with his many siblings, becoming very close to his older brother, Walter, and serving in the Senior Cadets. When he was older, Frank moved to the city for a work. He undertook an apprenticeship with Alex Cowan & Sons in Sydney for two and a half years. He eventually became a bookbinder and resided at 65 Surrey St in Darlinghurst, as well as serving in the 53rd Infantry. Frank and his brother, Walter, decided to enlist together in the AIF. Frank joined up at the Royal Showground Camp on the 8th of October 1916. Walter joined him the following day. After initial training at Moore Park, they were posted as Gunners to the 8th Reinforcements, 7th Field Artillery Brigade. Then in December, they were made Drivers with the 11th Reinforcements, 5th Divisional Ammunition Column, and departed Melbourne on the 11th of May 1917 on the HMAT Shropshire.

Frank and Walter landed in Plymouth in mid July and were marched out to the RBAA at Larkhill. After training with the artillery, Frank and Walter were transported to France via Southampton in mid November. In France, they were transferred to the 1st Divisional Ammunition Column and then the 2nd Field Artillery Brigade on the 30th of November. Throughout 1918, Frank and Walter provided fire support for Allied troops. On the 6th of November, Frank and Walter proceeded on leave to the UK. They were on furlough when the Armistice was declared on the 11th of November. No doubt they joined in the celebrations as crowds gathered in the streets. They rejoined their unit on the 26th of November. In January 1919, they were stationed to the Australian General Base Depot in Havre, France. They headed back to Australia on the 25th of June, soon to return home to a grateful family in Luddenham.