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Edwin Butler


Serial No:
Serial No. 701

3rd Light Horse Regiment


Edwin Butler - Information

Edwin enlisted in the AIF in Morphettville in South Australia on the 12th of November 1914. At the time, he was living in Broken Hill with his family and working as an engine driver. Edwin had an interesting life. He was born in Picton to Charles and Emily Butler, and when he was older he served in the British Army with the 3rd, 7th, and 14th Hussars in Africa and India. With his previous experience, Edwin was then placed with the 3rd Light Horse Regiment as a Corporal. He boarded the SS Hessen in Melbourne, and set off on the 2nd of February 1915.

Edwin arrived in Egypt in March, and met his unit. The landings at Gallipoli did not go as expected, and almost immediately the Light Horse was mustered as reinforcements. Shortly after he arrived, Edwin was the hit in Monash Valley on the 16th of May. The bullet shattered his left leg. He was evacuated by ship, however, died of his wounds near Gaba Tepe. He was buried at sea by the Chaplain of the HMS Prince of Wales, 3 miles off the coast of Gallipoli. His name was later recorded on the Lone Pine Memorial, on the Gallipoli Peninsula in Turkey. Sadly, such a fine soldier who had served extensively was lost so quickly, in a war that was meant to be over by Christmas 1914.