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Dora Ohlfsen-Bagge - Information

Dora was a member of a very musical family from Minto, where her father, Christian Ohlfsen-Bagge managed a poultry farm. Her older sister, Rita, was a pianist and taught piano at the Church of England Rectory, while her other sister, Kate, played the violin. Dora was also fond of music. She travelled widely, studying and teaching music in Germany and Russia. While she was studying engraving in Italy, the war broke out. She decided to do her bit for humanity and ease the suffering of so many by signing up to Red Cross as a nurse. She worked tirelessly throughout the war, helping many wounded soldiers escape the horrors of the battlefield. Being with the Red Cross, Dora also witnessed the devastating toll that the war had on the civilian population. Dora's efforts to help her fellowman extended from various hospitals and first aid stations. She later developed the 'ANZAC Medal' which was sold to raise funds to support Australian troops. After the war ended, Dora continued on with her artistic and musical skills.