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Arthur Adam Kingman


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Serial No. 6997

2nd Battalion


Arthur Adam Kingman - Information

Born in Westham, London in 1883, Arthur grew up in England. He then migrated to Australia, settling down in the Ingleburn area, staying with a Mr Stevens. He then resided on Canterbury Rd in Macquarie Fields, and found work as a painter. Deciding to help the Mother Country, he enlisted in the AIF on the 18th of October 1916 at the Royal Australian Showground Camp, aged 33. He trained in Sydney and Liverpool, designated to the 23rd Reinforcements, 2nd Battalion. He then boarded the HMAT Benalla in Sydney on the 9th of November 1916 for war service.

Arthur disembarked in Devonport in early January 1917, and was marched out to Larkhill for training. Here, he experienced disciplinary problems with various AWL charges. On the 3rd of May, Arthur was transported to the Western Front, joining the 2nd Battalion in the lines. Later in the year, they were moved north for operations during the Third Battle of Ypres in Belgium. During these attacks, Arthur was wounded by a shell blast on the 4th of October at Broodseinde. Shrapnel struck his hip, thigh and side. The 3rd Field Ambulance delivered him to the 3rd Canadian Casualty Clearing Station. The following day, he was admitted to the 18th General Hospital. After convalescence, Arthur rejoined his unit on the 22nd of December. The winter would have been difficult for Arthur, with his damaged bones. By the beginning of March, Arthur was granted Blighty leave. Luckily, he was away from the front when the Germans launched their Spring Offensive. Using specially trained troops, the Germans broke through the lines once again heading for Paris. Their advance was halted. In July, Arthur returned to his unit as they were pushing the Germans back. They had great success with the Battle of Amiens on the 8th of August. Arthur was then wounded in action again, as they were attacking the Hindenburg Line. On the 18th of September at Le Verguier, Arthur was hit in his left leg/buttock by shellfire. He was rushed to the 55th Casualty Clearing Station and from there to the 11th Stationary Hospital. On the 28th, he was evacuated to England to Graylingwell Hospital. He was still in England when the war ended. He joined in the celebrations with his sweetheart, Annie Louise Wells, whom he met when he was on leave. They married at the Register’s Office in Essex on the 28th of February 1919.

Arthur and Annie left for Australia in late September 1919. They returned to Macquarie Fields before relocating to Guilford in the late 1920s.