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Alfred George Carter


Serial No:
Serial No. 5061

4th Battalion & 56th Battalion


Alfred George Carter - Information

The Carter family came from Wilton, where Alfred was born and raised. The Carters then relocated to Dalton St in Orange. Alfred remained in Wilton, finding work as an engine fitter. At the age of 29, he signed up to the AIF in Liverpool on the 3rd of January 1916. A few days later, his younger brother, Leslie Ellis also signed up. Alfred boarded the SS Markarini as a Private with the 16th Reinforcements, 4th Battalion.

On the 1st of May, Alfred disembarked at Suez, Egypt. He was then transferred to the 56th Battalion at Ferry Post in late May. The following month, he and his unit were transported to the Western Front. They would shortly be plunged into action with the Battle of Fromelles on the 19th of July. A harsh lesson of the true power of modern warfare, as Alfred watched his mates get cut down by machine gunfire. As the winter settled on the front, the 56th Battalion were stationed to the Somme Sector. Alfred was then wounded on the 1st of November, hit in the left shoulder. He left the Casualty Clearing Station for the 9th General Hospital. A week later, he was admitted to the 1st Southern General Hospital in England. The bullet had done much damage, fracturing his clavicle, severely affecting the mobility of his arm. Alfred was shipped back to Australia on the 4th of May 1917 for a medical discharge. He later relocated to Wrightville near Cobar.