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Albert Starr

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Serial No. N74410


Albert Starr - Information

The Starr family were living in the Campbelltown area, when Albert was born c1882 in Appin. The Starrs eventually moved to Bulli, where Albert began working as a labourer. Albert and his family soon said goodbye to his older brother, Arthur, when he joined the AIF in 1915. Albert then followed in his brother's footsteps, enlisting in the military in Bulli on the 25th of January 1917, aged 34. He commenced his induction training at the Royal Showground Camp in Sydney. However, despite a recommendation by his doctor in Wollongong, for the army 'to do what [they] can' for Albert, he was given another medical exam. The Medical Officers uncovered that Albert had a heart murmur, and he was consequently medically discharged on the 27th of January.